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January 2024 Meeting



October 2023, Agenda

  • Call the Meeting to Order:
  • Roll Call:
  • Public attendance:
  • Public Comment:
  • Engineers Report – AKS Engineering John Christiansen: (Handout #1)
  • Hiland Water’s Report-Robert Trotter (Handout #2)
  • Operations:

N Morton-Blow Off Quote () Tabled

SouthView Booster Pump Quote (HO#) Tabled

Tree at Blaha (customers property) $300 waiting for Titan Tree to email the formal quote.

Oliver Heights-(Att#1)

Blaha flow meter quote (Att#2)

  • Office
  • Shut off and past due 40 customers.
  • Leak Adjustments: (Att#3) Acct#605 $128.96, Acct#224 $315.60, Acct#1248 $160.55 and Acct#1315 $63.73
  • BMO (New bank that took over BOW) Not happy with the changes.
  •  Tech Support has no clue what they are doing.
  • Took me 2 months to get online check scans and ACH Bank Draft working properly. 
  • Bank employees at St. Helens Branch couldn’t help as they had no clue what to do or how to fix it.
  • Paulson Printing and Metro Presort only quotes that got back to me. (Att #4)
  • District 2 position open letters sent out Sept 11, 2023.  Deadline as November 1, 2023. Have not received any inquiries.
  • DOXO-Cease and Desist from Attorney. Company that latched onto website to make money off McNulty Water customers.

New Items Before the Board

                  1. Utility Work II Tabled from (Att#5) Hiland Numbers

                 2. Senter/McGilvra Well (#) Tabled-

                 3.  Consider Changing contracts with AKS and Hiland to same calendar

Year at the Fiscal year. Jan-Dec

                 4.  Set up workshop meeting date

                 5. Olson LLC completing meter change outs instead of Hiland (Att#6)

                 6.  Streamline quote. Build and maintain a new website. (Att#7)

        Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve September 2023 Meeting Minutes (Att#8)
  2. Check detail from September 2023 (Att#9) Check #8095-
  3. August 2023 Financials (Att#10)